Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Potato-For Dogs

Nummy-Tum-Tum is for Dogs and is another great donation to the Utah Food Bank. Many people with pets will go hungry and feed their pets instead of themeselves, to avoid this dilemma, the Utah Food Bank also collects Pet Food to help those with Pets that may be in need of food assistance themeselves.

Sliced Chik

This is what put Vegetarian Meat on the map! It's Vegetable Protein Slices, contains no meat, animal fat or preservatives.


An antique can of Powdered Milk! Says it is also good for infant nutrition.

Vacuum Packed Vegetable Garden

This can is full of seed packets that have been nitrogen packed for freshness. Claims that this method of packing should help seeds retain their germinating qualities until can is opened.

Party Poppers

Sure to be a hit at any party!

Warning: Picture May be Gruesome to Children

It's Basic Fluff. This is the insides of a Teddy Bear! Whoa!! Ingredients include: Hugs & Kisses, Happiness, Playfulness, Love, Cuddliness, and Friendship. From the Teddy Bear Factory 2 Go.

Dried Seaweed (Ito Wakame)

This Dried Seaweed would go great with the Squid Shreds we discovered awhile back.

Baby Food-Asian Style

Tiny Shrimps

Small Shrimp...big on flavor!

Don Pepino

Pizza Sauce from Don Pepino!

Bamboo Shoots

Geisha Bamboo Shoots.