Monday, August 1, 2011

Inject What?

That's right! This bottle of butter comes with it's own "syringe" to inject this lovely buttery marinade into turkey or whatever other delicous meat you might have on hand. :)

I caught you a Delicous Bass!

Here it is: A Marinated Seabass for your enjoyment!

Chef Boyardee--Old School

This Can of Chef Boyardee--Fettucine claims to be new. But, by the looks of the can...I'm thinking it's pretty old.

Old New England Egg Nog

Some Egg Nog came through the food drive, it contains: Blended Whiskey, Kentucky Straight, Bourbon Whiskey, Rum and Brandy.

Green Mayo/Horseradish Sauce

Some volunteers found some crazy green Mayo/Horsradish Sauce. This would be an awesome thing to use around the St. Patrick's Day Holiday.

Gel Chafing Fuel

That's right...we had some random Chafing Fuel come in through the Food Drive.

Diet Coolah Energy Drink

The volunteers thought this Diet Coolah was sure a cool beverage!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sweet Potato-For Dogs

Nummy-Tum-Tum is for Dogs and is another great donation to the Utah Food Bank. Many people with pets will go hungry and feed their pets instead of themeselves, to avoid this dilemma, the Utah Food Bank also collects Pet Food to help those with Pets that may be in need of food assistance themeselves.

Sliced Chik

This is what put Vegetarian Meat on the map! It's Vegetable Protein Slices, contains no meat, animal fat or preservatives.


An antique can of Powdered Milk! Says it is also good for infant nutrition.

Vacuum Packed Vegetable Garden

This can is full of seed packets that have been nitrogen packed for freshness. Claims that this method of packing should help seeds retain their germinating qualities until can is opened.

Party Poppers

Sure to be a hit at any party!

Warning: Picture May be Gruesome to Children

It's Basic Fluff. This is the insides of a Teddy Bear! Whoa!! Ingredients include: Hugs & Kisses, Happiness, Playfulness, Love, Cuddliness, and Friendship. From the Teddy Bear Factory 2 Go.

Dried Seaweed (Ito Wakame)

This Dried Seaweed would go great with the Squid Shreds we discovered awhile back.

Baby Food-Asian Style

Tiny Shrimps

Small Shrimp...big on flavor!

Don Pepino

Pizza Sauce from Don Pepino!

Bamboo Shoots

Geisha Bamboo Shoots.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Roast Squid

This roast squid will go great with the roasted eel that we received a while back. :)


Vegetarian Mock Duck.

Canned Bacon

Love the camouflage can!!

Lychee Drink

Anchovie Paste

Can't get enough of this!

Heilpflanzentee had the word "blatter" in it, so...the volunteers thought it was quite humorous.

Utah Food Bank: Enemy #1

Bubble Gum Popcorn

Has to be one of the top ten of the year so far!


100% Ground Sesame. This product is straight from Lebanon. Wow!

Keep Your Pets Warm

It's been a cold winter. Don't forget, the Utah Food Bank also accepts Pet Food for all of those hungry pets out there as well. Thanks!

Beer Bread

Contains: Wheat

Rations Anyone?

Grilled Beef Patty & Chilli & Macaroni

These boots were meant for walking

Walking all over hunger. HA!!


Red Beans, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Starch, Chestnut, & Citric Acid fill this can with Asian Red Bean Paste.

Absolutely Pure Maple Syrup: Vermont Style

Opposed to the Absolutely Fake Maple Syrup from "some other place."

The Battle for Jerusalem

Another battle that is being fought. Here at the Utah Food Bank, we continue to fight the battle against hunger!