Monday, December 20, 2010

The Amazing Waddling Penguin Pooper

Yes! It waddles and Poops at the same time. Rumor has it...there's a pooping sheep out there. Get them while supplies last!

The most amazing microwave popcorn

This is actual microwave popcorn...toss it in the microwave, and it's guaranteed to pop right off the cob!


With fermented black beans...yum. ???

Dale's Pale Ale

Not sure this ale is legal in our great state of, this may or may not have come through our food drive...and is/would be no longer with us. :)

"The Darth Vader Helmet"

Here it is. A Utah Food Bank exclusive! Emptied from the depths of a tote, the dark side was no contest to fighting hunger! HA!

Longan (in Syrup)

The Longan fruit comes to us from a tropical tree, native to South and Southeast Asia.

Vegetarian Chop-Suey

Szu-Hsien-Kaw-Fu...say that ten times fast!

Dried Beef

This Beef is a little too dry for me. (I think the lid was actually opened and we had to toss this food drive item of the day)

A Toaster

Yep, this is for use after the bread slicer we just received. How convenient.

A Bread Slicer!

Yep, it's a bread slicer. This was the coolest thing before sliced bread.

A great oriental dish

Makes a great combo!

Unique Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade!

Creamy Butter

Pure Creamery Butter...oposed to the not so pure creamery butter.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's a HEART!

The old Halloween Candy is comin in! It's a gummy heart in candy fluid. Yum.

Freezer Dried Green Bell Peppers

Doesn't look too yummy,'s AFFORDABLE!


Not sure what this is, smells like Hamster Food. ? :)

Imitation Taco Beef Flavored Bits


Unused Halloween Costume

A different kind of Mayo?

Artificial Clear Vanilla

Brain Anyone?

Gummy Brain w/ Candy Fluid.

Blood Bag

Don't be grossed out too much. It's just candy, it looks like the Utah Food Bank is starting to receive the leftover Halloween Candy. :)

A Dream Catcher

Possibly a "Hunger Catcher?"

Sliced Bacon

A product of Hungary.

Alien Fresh Jerky

The Best Jerky in the Universe!

Schilling Imitation Butter Flavor

Candy Shot Glass

Are you a shot-glass collector? This peppermint shot glass is a perfect gift for the holidays!

Grass Jelly

No Carrots...Just Grass!

Star Imitation Vanilla Flavor

Scott Cut-Rite Wax Paper

Kretschmer Wheat Germ

The "heart" of the wheat kernel brings a boost of nutrition and a crunch you'll love. Pour it on. (

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canned Crickets!

That's right! One of the most interesting things ever found so far. These scrumptious crickets come in a tasty brine and are canned to preserve that wonderful taste!

How about Tongue?

Not only is it lamb tongue, but they are whole peeled lamb tongues!

Mystery Meat? it's anchovies!

Dry Milk from the 50's

This jar of PET Instant Dry Milk is from 1953 and is still sealed and ready to use! :)

Mega Pimp Tooth

This pimp tooth says it "fits like a cap."

A can with every type of food

Perma-pak Multi-purpose Food coming to us from July 1967! Mult-purpose Food (MPF) is ideal low calorie complete diet, food supplement, or extender or fortifier. MPF is pre-cooked and doesn't require cooking. May be eaten dry, or in combination with other foods or liquids or cooked with other foods.

Can be used as Cereal, as a vegetable-just add catsup, soy sauce or gravy.
Can also be used with soups, juices, casseroles, pancakes, breads, fruits or as a topping on desserts.



Well, it's a first. A volunteer was sorting through a tote at the Utah Food Bank and out popped 100% Puro Jugo De Cana. What a great find!

Knox Unflavored Gelatine

This package was in mint condition, but has to be pretty old. I sure wish there had been a date on the package. It even includes free recipe cards inside!

Mr. Idaho

These great potato flakes come to us from the great potato state itself. Reminding us that Idaho is still in 1st place when it comes to potato's.