Monday, August 1, 2011

Inject What?

That's right! This bottle of butter comes with it's own "syringe" to inject this lovely buttery marinade into turkey or whatever other delicous meat you might have on hand. :)

I caught you a Delicous Bass!

Here it is: A Marinated Seabass for your enjoyment!

Chef Boyardee--Old School

This Can of Chef Boyardee--Fettucine claims to be new. But, by the looks of the can...I'm thinking it's pretty old.

Old New England Egg Nog

Some Egg Nog came through the food drive, it contains: Blended Whiskey, Kentucky Straight, Bourbon Whiskey, Rum and Brandy.

Green Mayo/Horseradish Sauce

Some volunteers found some crazy green Mayo/Horsradish Sauce. This would be an awesome thing to use around the St. Patrick's Day Holiday.

Gel Chafing Fuel

That's right...we had some random Chafing Fuel come in through the Food Drive.

Diet Coolah Energy Drink

The volunteers thought this Diet Coolah was sure a cool beverage!