Thursday, July 1, 2010

A can with every type of food

Perma-pak Multi-purpose Food coming to us from July 1967! Mult-purpose Food (MPF) is ideal low calorie complete diet, food supplement, or extender or fortifier. MPF is pre-cooked and doesn't require cooking. May be eaten dry, or in combination with other foods or liquids or cooked with other foods.

Can be used as Cereal, as a vegetable-just add catsup, soy sauce or gravy.
Can also be used with soups, juices, casseroles, pancakes, breads, fruits or as a topping on desserts.


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Commander_Zero said...

Good stuff. It was designed for mass feedings in famine areas and then refined and re-packaged as the perfect long-term storage food for storage in bomb shelters. Originally a General Mills product. Wherever that can came from, there's probably some interesting Cold War bomb shelter relics nearby.